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Minnesota’s Ramsey and Washington Counties started BizRecycling to help businesses become more efficient and promoting job growth through protecting the environment. The BizRecycling program provides free resources and assistance to businesses that want to start or enhance programs for reducing waste; recycling items such as paper, bottles, and cans; and/or diverting food and other organic waste. BizRecycling does not offer collection of recyclables or organics, rather it provides assistance for starting or improving recycling, organics and waste reduction programs.

The BizRecycling program is an initiative of the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Board (R&E Board).  Formed over 30 years ago, the R&E Board is a joint powers board created by Ramsey and Washington Counties, responsible for administering joint solid waste resource recovery activities and other selected programs on behalf of the two counties. The Project Board is comprised of nine (9) elected county commissioners, five from Ramsey County and four from Washington County. The Project Board is staffed by members of the counties’ respective public health departments and is served by a variety of consultants. 

Prior to 2013, both counties have been working jointly on separate management of organic waste. Beginning in 2013 they launched BizRecycling, a two-county program to promote businesses and institutions starting or enhancing recycling and separate organic waste management programs. The program has evolved since 2013 to better meet the unique needs of the East Metro business community.