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Organics Recycling Blog Post

Recycling Paper Towels (and other organic waste)

Did you know that used paper towels can be recycled? Not in your regular single-sort recycling bin, but through organics recycling, otherwise known as commercial composting. In fact, all sorts of things can go into organics recycling – greasy pizza boxes, used napkins, wax cheese rinds, and even shells and bones! Basically, if it was once alive, chances are it can be recycled through a commercial composting service.

Not just for restaurants

Organics recycling programs are an obvious choice for some businesses. Restaurants, for instance, will inevitably have inedible food waste that can be recycled through food-to-hogs or commercial composting. But other businesses can also benefit from organics recycling. For example, most of the waste coming out of a florist shop is going to be organic. Plant and flower trimmings are wet and heavy, and can add up to a hefty garbage bill due to the State Solid Waste Management Tax and Ramsey and Washington counties’ County Environmental Charge. Recycling organics is easy, and can save money, because just like regular recycling, organics recycling is not taxed.

Recycle those paper towels!

Most businesses have restrooms. If your business uses paper towels in the restrooms, kitchen, or other areas, they don’t have to go into the trash. A commercial organics recycling program can transform your used paper towels and food-soiled paper into compost. This guide from Keep America Beautiful can get you started thinking about composting at work.

BizRecycling helps businesses recycle better

Here at BizRecycling, we find creative ways for businesses of all kinds to recycle better. Our recycling experts know about all sorts of great options for reducing waste and increasing recycling, including organics recycling. You can get a free consultation, at your business, on your schedule. In about 30 minutes, we can help your business come up with a plan, and we have grant funds available to help you get started. Contact us today to learn more!

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