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GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Grand Place Condominium Association

In 2014, a six-story condominium building with 31 units was faced with an aging trash compactor. Grand Place Condominium Association’s waste and recycling coordinator, Linda Camp, decided to take the opportunity to make major leaps towards sustainability. They contacted BizRecycling and the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation for help. The free consultation with Waste Wise revealed a surprising solution for the Condo Association’s waste problems: organics recycling.

Waste Wise assisted Grand Place with finding a new hauling service that could handle an organics recycling program. A BizRecycling Grant was used to remove the old trash compactor and reconfigure the trash chute for use as an organics chute. They also reconfigured the building’s trash room to accommodate the new organics program. Waste disposal guides were given to residents, and new labels were placed throughout the building on bins and chutes. Residents also received compostable bags to collect organics in.

Residents have embraced the organics and recycling programs. Grand Place Condominiums increased their recycling output by about 20% after kicking off the organics recycling program. Grand Place now diverts about 13,400 pounds of recycling and organics from landfills. This diversion and new hauling service saves Grand Place about $4,200 annually.

“This was really the coming together of a problem with an opportunity,” explained Ken Simmons, the condo association’s president. “Our aging compactor, with issues with our previous haulers, necessitated a change. We were able to address this problem with a solution that increases recycling.”

BizRecycling can help your multi-unit dwelling find better waste and recycling options. Contact us to learn more!

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