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Grantee of the Week: St. Paul Saints

The St. Paul Saints Baseball Club is a leading example of planned sustainability. When they were designing their new ballpark in 2014, they got in touch with us to help them incorporate recycling and organics collection into the plan. Our Recycling Experts were excited to be able to work on such an innovative project.

The new stadium was carefully designed for optimum waste reduction. Planning went beyond construction and included setting up vendor contracts for purchasing compostable paper and service ware for food and drinks. Haulers were also contracted to handle the recycling, organics, and garbage.

Deciding where all of the collection bins would do the most good was another part of the plan. Following recycling best practices, the bins at CHS Stadium are color-coded to communicate what goes where, and that message is reinforced with clear, colorful labels showing actual ballpark products.

Volunteer “Recycling Umpires” are on hand to help fans recycle better. The Saints also include recycling-related games and entertainment to help educate the public. They communicate that recycling and composting is not only the right thing to do, but it is also fun. With an average of 9,000 fans attending every Saints game, their educational reach extends far into the community.

As of 2017, the Saints are well on their way to their ultimate goal of recycling 90% of the waste generated at the stadium. Our Recycling Experts did a hand audit of a typical game day’s waste collection and found that 64% of the waste at CHS Field was being recycled, either through single-sort recycling or organics collection.

The Saints remain dedicated to finding ways to reduce waste and recycle better. We continue to partner with them to improve their diversion rates, and look forward to seeing their recycling numbers continue to rise!

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