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Grantee of the Week: American Distribution and Manufacturing Company

BizRecycling’s relationship with American Distribution and Manufacturing Company (ADMC) began in 2015, when operations manager Mike Bluth contacted us looking for ways that their company could recycle better. As a well-established livestock feed distributor, they knew that their growing business was in a good position to improve their recycling and reduce waste.

Our recycling experts visited ADMC to see what types of materials they were producing and help them come up with a recycling plan. Two major types of recyclables were identified: cardboard and plastic pallet wrap. Collecting these bulky materials for recycling would allow ADMC to reduce their trash collection. This would also save the company money, because recycling is not charged the County Environmental Charge and State Solid Waste Management Tax.

Because consistency and good communication are key to the success of a recycling program, ADMC applied for a BizRecycling grant to buy consistent bins and signs to use throughout their facility. They also trained their 200-plus employees about recycling. In addition, they added a compactor for their cardboard, which saved space and further reduced hauling costs.

Making these improvements to their recycling program has paid off for ADMC. They have been able to keep over 300,000 pounds of materials out of the garbage every year, plus their trash bill dropped by $500 a month.

Mike Bluth praised the BizRecycling program and our recycling experts, saying, “What we did for the company was huge and what we did for the environment is perfect. There is value in the items being recycled and money to be made. The program works.”

BizRecycling makes it fast, easy, and convenient for East Metro businesses to recycle better. There is no charge for our services, and grant funding is available. Contact us today to learn more!

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