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Maximizing Your Recycling

Your business wants to recycle better. Great! It’s very important to do everything you can to maximize the recycling being collected, and also minimize contamination. After all, it’s not really recycled until it’s been processed at the recycling center and gone on to become something new!

Optimize Bin Placement

The more convenient it is to recycle, the more likely people are to recycle. Make sure that you have a recycling bin next to every trash bin. If there is only one bin, it will automatically default to being trash! Always color-code your bins (grey for trash, blue for recycling, green for organics) and clearly label them. East Metro businesses can order free labels from us!

Put recycling and trash bins in places people need them. If you’re not sure, ask your staff. They know where they look for trash and recycling bins. Most people want to do the right thing, including recycling, and they will, especially if you make it easy for them.

Use Lids

Sometimes a little extra visual reminder is helpful. Putting a lid with holes in to admit recycling, and adding a recycling label to the lid, will help keep trash out of the recycling. BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts can help you pick the right bins and lids for your business needs. They will also help you apply for a BizRecycling Grant to pay for them!

Consider the Custodians

In order to make sure that your recycling actually makes it to the recycling center and not into the trash, think about your cleaning crew. Make sure that all of the bins throughout your facility are consistently color-coded. Work with your trash hauler to make sure that the recycling dumpsters are clearly marked and easy to access. If the trash dumpster is more convenient, everything will end up there.

If your business is ready to recycle better, contact us for a free BizRecycling consultation. In about 30 minutes, our experienced Recycling Experts can help your business come up with a plan!

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