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Grantee of the Week Blog Carol Mathey's Center for Children & Families

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Carol Mathey’s Center for Children and Families

Every business knows that money can be tight. This is especially true for nonprofits. Starting a recycling program can be expensive, which is why the executive director of Carol Matheys Center for Children and Families, Stacie Penn, contacted BizRecycling for help. “As a nonprofit, there are always financial barriers for us. So when I saw […]

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Blog Post: Wish-cycling

Recycle, Don’t “Wish-cycle”

Having single-sort recycling at work can make it super easy to recycle. You toss your recyclable items into one bin and they magically get separated once they get to the recycling facility. What could be simpler? Bottles, cans, boxes and paper get dumped together, so why not toss anything and everything that might possibly be […]

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Blog graphic - French Meadow Bakery and cafe - grantee of the week

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: French Meadow Bakery and Café

French Meadow Bakery and Café has always stressed the importance of sustainability through its focus on locally sourced, organic ingredients. In 2015, French Meadow’s executive chef Samantha Jensen decided to take their commitment to sustainability to the next level. Jensen contacted BizRecycling to find ways to recycle more and to keep food waste out of […]

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Employee Recycling Blog Post Image

Employees Ensure Recycling Success

Having a recycling program at your business can lower your trash bill. How? Because unlike garbage, recycling is not subject to the County Environmental Charge and the State Solid Waste Management Tax. But your business recycling program’s success depends on your employees. How do you get them to recycle? Make it easy. Pair every garbage […]

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Blog graphic - Gilbert building - Grantee of the week

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Gilbert Building

In the spring of 2014, the Gilbert Building in downtown St. Paul contacted BizRecycling and the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation for assistance with beginning a recycling program. Vince King, one of the owners of the building, wanted to provide his tenants the opportunity to recycle. Following an on-site visit, Waste Wise suggested that they apply […]

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Back-to-Basics Recycling Blog Post

Back-to-Basics Business Recycling

Here at BizRecycling, we think about recycling a lot. Because this is what we do, we’re always discussing the more esoteric points of recyclables, and wondering if we can recycle things like broken rubber bands. But for most businesses, recycling comes down to the basics. Although about 90% of businesses in the East Metro are […]

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Blog graphic - Grand place condominium association - Grantee of the Week

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Grand Place Condominium Association

In 2014, a six-story condominium building with 31 units was faced with an aging trash compactor. Grand Place Condominium Association’s waste and recycling coordinator, Linda Camp, decided to take the opportunity to make major leaps towards sustainability. They contacted BizRecycling and the Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation for help. The free consultation with Waste Wise revealed […]

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Save the Food Blog Post

Save the Food, Save Your Money

In 2016, the National Resources Defense Council partnered with the Ad Council to create the Save the Food campaign. These ads helped raise awareness of the problem of food waste in the United States. Some of the statistics were shocking: Forty percent of food in America is wasted. Twenty percent of the material in U.S. […]

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Blog graphic - Abiding Savior Lutheran church - grantee of the week

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Abiding Savior Lutheran Church

In the spring of 2015, Abiding Savior Lutheran Church decided to improve its recycling programs. With a congregation of nearly 2,000 people, the church not only wanted to divert waste but also teach its members about the importance of environmental issues. The church contacted BizRecycling for help accomplishing these goals. BizRecycling connected the church with […]

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Blog graphic - This week on the blog - Food waste and your bottom line

Food Waste and your Bottom Line

Food waste: in the restaurant and grocery industries, these two little words boil down to one thing – lost profit. Food that must be thrown away before it can be served or sold is as close as it gets to throwing money in the trash. Unfortunately, in the United States, food waste is common.  In […]

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Blog graphic - ART Us - grantee of the week


In 2015, local nonprofit ARTS-Us took on the challenge of teaching their children something new; composting and recycling. The nonprofit provides after-school and summer programs dedicated to educating youth with hands-on activities. Constructing an outdoor bin for yard, food and soiled paper waste seemed like a perfect activity. To begin this task, ARTS-Us garden coordinator […]

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Blog graphic - this week on the blog - how to ask for recycling at work

How to Ask for Recycling at Work

Almost every office has one – that lone do-gooder that rinses soda cans and takes them home to recycle, or collects plastic water bottles because the only option at work is to throw them away. Often, it seems easier to quietly recycle alone, or throw in the towel and throw away recyclable materials in the […]

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Blog Graphic - Peterson Brothers Roofing Company - Grantee of the Week

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Peterson Brothers Roofing Company

Peterson Brothers Roofing Company has proudly been a part of the Saint Paul community since 1952. In late 2014, the company contacted BizRecycling to begin the upcoming new year right. They wanted to find ways to improve their recycling and decrease waste.  They were connected with a recycling expert who was able to help them […]

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Blog graphic - This week on the blog - Business recycling misconceptions

Business Recycling Misconceptions

Whether you’ve been recycling at your place of business for years, or are contemplating a new recycling program, it’s important to stay current on recycling best practices in order to maximize participation and financial savings. At BizRecycling, our team addresses a lot of misconceptions about recycling, so we wanted to address a few recycling myths. […]

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Blog Graphic - St. Croix Hospice - Grantee of the Week

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Saint Croix Hospice

St. Croix Hospice was just finishing an expansion and renovation of their office space when they realized they wanted to do more to recycle. As a tenant of Crossroad Properties, they had already been recycling. The problem was that staff was generating a large amount of waste from one-time use material that was going into […]

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