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BizRecycling offers grants of up to $10,000 to help businesses in Ramsey and Washington Counties start or improve recycling programs, including organics recycling. In addition, all Ramsey or Washington Country businesses are eligible to receive free recycling, organics and trash labels. View our selection of free labels here.

Business recycling grants from BizRecycling are here to help!

Just getting started? With a BizRecycling Grant, your organization can obtain the funding it needs to get a recycling or organics program up and running. Funds may be used for purchasing equipment you need, to create materials to educate staff, or to inform the public about your program. Our Recycling Experts will help you design a recycling program that works for you.

Already have a program in place that you’re looking to improve? A BizRecycling Grant can help! We understand there’s always room for improvement. Purchasing the right containers to maximize the impact of recycling efforts can be the most costly part of starting a new recycling program or improving an existing one. Funds can be used to purchase bins and other needed equipment.

Do you need better labeling for your recycling bins? BizRecycling offers FREE trash and recycling labels for your business; no grant needed! If you need additional or different labels or signage, your BizRecycling Grant can be used to cover graphic design and production costs.

It can be overwhelming and costly to start a recycling program. It can be just as challenging to improve or expand existing recycling. Business owners face a lot of decisions when it comes to recycling. You have to choose the right recycling bins to buy and decide how many to purchase. You need to figure out where to place bins throughout your facility and arrange pick-ups with your trash hauler. Our Recycling Experts can help businesses make these decisions, and apply for up to $10,000 in business recycling grants, all for free.

BizRecycling Grants are available for Ramsey and Washington County businesses. BizRecycling Grants provide up to $10,000 in funds. Your Recycling Expert can use some of the grant money to purchase recycling bins for your business at a discounted price. Funds can also be used to meet unique business needs such as construction, staff training and signage.

Grant Guidelines:

  • Business, non-profit organization, place of worship, school, or institution must be located in Ramsey or Washington County
  • Funds can be used to meet unique business needs (bins, construction, staff training, signage, dishwashers, etc.)
  • Grant participants must complete a one-page survey at 18 months
  • Up to $10,000 in grant funding available per business (no match required)

All grants must be applied for through a Recycling Expert. Use our Contact Us form to get started. We strive to make the grant process as painless and streamlined as possible. Your Recycling Expert will walk you through every step of the grant process, from application and program launch to final report, at no cost to you.

Please ensure your business is eligible by using our eligibility checker.

Your zip code is within Ramsey or Washington County.
I’m sorry, your zip code is not within our service area of Ramsey or Washington County.


In addition to BizRecycling Grants, we also offer an Organics Reward Program for businesses wanting to start or expand an organics recycling program.

Whether you need new recycling bins and staff training or just need new recycling labels, our Recycling Experts can assist you and help design a recycling program to meet your unique business needs. Our grants provide your business with the funding needed to purchase new recycling and food waste containers for the collection of waste, recycling and organics.

BizRecycling Grant funds can be used to:

  • Purchase recycling and organics bins and containers.
  • Purchase trolleys and carts to move recyclables and organics from collection to pick-up points.
  • Reconfigure your loading dock to add recycling dumpsters, compactors, and/or organics dumpsters.
  • Build an enclosure to cover outside recycling dumpster/compactors and/or organics collection equipment.
  • Purchase a 6 month supply of compostable items for enhancing or starting an organics recycling program (i.e. compostable bin liner bags, compostable to-go packaging).
  • Purchase dishwashers and reusable dishware.
  • Cover hourly rate for employees to attend training on the new recycling program.
BizRecycling staff will review your grant application within three business days. During the review process, we may have questions for you. If that’s the case, your Recycling Expert will contact you directly. You will be notified within two weeks if your grant is approved. However, it will take more than two weeks for the grant to be processed, for money to be sent to you and to have your bins delivered.

Once your grant is approved, your Recycling Expert will ask you to fill out a Pre-Grant Report through Survey Monkey. At the end of the 18-month grant cycle, we ask you to complete a Post-Grant Report before receiving your final $250 grant payment. Your Recycling Expert can help you complete both reports.

Grant Application Checklist:

  • Fill out grant application.
  • Submit the grant application and W-9.
  • Site visit from a Recycling Expert who will ensure grant funds are used as indicated in the grant application, answer any questions and look at any problem areas.
  • Complete Post-Grant report form. This will take you five minutes and your Recycling Expert can help.
  • Once the final site visit and post grant form are received, we will review it within three business days. Your final $250 check will be issued approximately three weeks later.

If you have questions at any time during the process, contact your Recycling Expert or get in touch with BizRecycling at or 651.266.1199.

Don’t worry! Each business can have up to $10,000 in grant funding. If your original grant was less than $10,000 you can apply for a grant amendment to receive additional funding and/or containers as long as your total does not exceed $10,000. Your Recycling Expert will help you with the grant amendment application.

The grant amendment process works the same as the original grant application, only faster. You can work with your Recycling Expert to identify all additional needs before filling out a grant amendment application and submitting it to us. We will then send you an amendment form to sign. In about three weeks you will receive your grant amendment check or additional bins.