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Grant Closeout

There are a couple of easy steps you must take before receiving your final $250 payment. In adherence to the contract your organization signed with the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Board, you need to complete the:  

Post-Grant Survey Information 

The post-grant survey is estimated to take about 5 minutes of your time. Before beginning it, we suggest you gather the necessary information. For your current trash, recycling, and organics/food waste programs, you will need to know:  

  • Name of hauler 
  • Number of hauler pick-ups 
  • Volume/size of material collected (Ex. 4yrds/week) 
  • Type of material collected (Ex. Cardboard, paper, metal, plastic wrap) 
  • Number of containers for collection 

Additionally, you will need to know what materials your organization is currently recycling. If your organization collects organics, you need to know what kind of program you are utilizing. Finally, in adherence to the contract you signed, you need to provide a three-sentence testimonial highlighting your accomplishments or successes on your recycling and/or organics programs. 

Final On-Site Visit 

If you haven’t yet been contacted by your BizRecycling recyclin expert, they will contact you within a couple months of your grant closing. They will coordinate a time to conduct their final on-site visit to evaluate the success of your recycling and/or organics program. 

Post-Grant Survey 

Click here to complete your post-grant survey. Once your grant has closed, you will receive a final letter with a window decal that highlights your recycling efforts. Additionally, BizRecycling will continue to promote your business and recycling efforts.   


When does my grant agreement end?  

BizRecycling grants are 18 months long and the grants need to be closed prior to the contract end date.  

Where can I find my contract end date?  

Your contract end date can be found in your grant agreement on the “Terms & Conditions” page. If you cannot find your BizRecycling Grant agreement, please contact us here and we can email/send you a copy.  

I have questions on the post-grant survey.  Who can I contact for help?  

You can contact BizRecycling or your BizRecycling consultant at any time during the grant closeout process.