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Step 2. Get a Free Site Visit

The free on-site consultation is an opportunity for the Recycling Expert to see your business and get to know how it operates. They will learn how your employees currently recycle, and help identify ways your business can make improvements to its recycling efforts. The Recycling Expert can help you apply for BizRecycling Grants to help your business build a strong recycling program. You and your business are under no obligation to implement their suggestions.

Your Free On-Site Consultation

Once you contact BizRecycling, an independent Recycling Expert will contact you by phone to set up a visit at your convenience. They will learn about you, your business’s needs and your recycling goals.  With their help, you will better understand what you’re paying for on your monthly trash bill and identify opportunities to cut costs by recycling more and right-sizing your trash service.

The Recycling Experts have experience working with a wide range of businesses. They can provide you with advice on how to set up, enhance and maintain an effective recycling program. They can help you find options for recycling items like cardboard, plastic film, organic materials, pallets, etc. They can also find ways to improve your regular recycling.

Learn more about our Recycling Experts:
Minnesota Waste Wise

The consultation will follow the following agenda:

The Recycling Expert will meet you at your business at a time convenient for you.
Cultural consultants are available to accompany the Recycling Expert to provide translation and other services if needed. 

  1. Talk about your trash and recycling program.
  2. Review your trash and recycling bill to identify charges and service levels.
  3. Look at and analyze your trash – what’s in your trash that could be recycled?
  4. Talk about options. If you need a new hauler, the Recycling Expert can help you find one.

We’ve never encountered a business that couldn’t be recycling more. In many cases, businesses may think they are recycling all they can, but our Recycling Expert finds ways to recycle better. Sometimes even small changes can lead to huge improvements.

You can learn more about our free consultations by watching this video.