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Step 3. Apply for Money

Building a recycling program from the ground up can seem overwhelming and costly. How do you make decisions like selecting which recycling bins to buy and deciding how many to purchase? Where does the money come from? If your business is struggling to find a way to fund a recycling program, you can apply for a BizRecycling Grant.

A BizRecycling Grant can help bring a recycling program within your organization’s reach. There is up to $10,000 in grant funding available per business. Your recycling expert will walk you through every step of the grant process. From grant application to program launch/relaunch, and the final report at 18 months, moving forward with recycling is faster and easier.

Grant funds are available in 2017

Things to know about BizRecycling Grants:

  • One-page grant application
  • $10,000 in funds (no match required)
  • One-page survey/report at 18 months
  • Funds can be used to meet your unique business needs
    • bins
    • construction
    • staff training
    • signage
    • dishwashers

Learn more about the businesses that have completed the grant program.