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Step 4. Launch or Relaunch Your Program

We believe that recycling programs succeed most when management and employees can work together and commit to making change. Having proper signage and recycling containers that meet business needs in terms of size, functional area and location is also essential. With the help of our experts, you can better educate your staff on the importance of sustainable practices, and launch a recycling program that makes a positive difference.

We want businesses to have a recycling programs they can be proud of. Our recycling experts will help you ensure everything is in place before you launch your program. If your business already has a recycling program in place, we can help you revitalize and improve your program. Whether you are starting from scratch or making improvements, we’re here to help you achieve success right out of the gate. 

As your program launches or relaunches, we can help you:

  • Identify a ‘recycling champion’ in your organization. Someone to keep people informed and engaged in the program.
  • Document and track your recycling rates, cost savings, and other environmental metrics.
  • Make continuous improvements to the program.
  • Troubleshoot problems as they emerge.