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A. Johnson & Sons is a family run florist shop located on the historic Grand Avenue in Saint Paul.


Johnson & Sons’ employees were so committed to recycling that some were taking plastic, glass, and metal containers home with them to recycle. Talk about dedication.

At the time, the floral shop was recycling cardboard but did not have convenient options for recycling the waste they produced most—organic materials made up of stems, cuttings, and pieces of plants and flowers sold at the store.

How We Helped

All organic materials produced by A. Johnson & Sons are considered yard waste which provided some convenient options for the floral shop.

The Minnesota Waste Wise Foundation (Waste Wise) worked with the florist shop to create a more efficient program for the shop.

Waste Wise recommended they contact their current hauler, Walter’s Recycling and Refuse to see if the materials could be included in their residential yard waste pickup.

A single‐sort collection replaced their cardboard collection, which allowed A. Johnsons & Sons to recycle cardboard, paper, and mixed materials together.

Waste Wise helped the floral shop with consistent signage and training of staff to create a seamless transition into the new program.


  • Saved Money
  • Gained efficiencies in business operations
  • Compliant with state law of recycling three types of materials
  • Used recycling in marketing

Working with Walter’s Recycling helped the haulers to establish their first commercial yard waste pickup.
The shop’s bills and associated taxes significantly decreased when Walter’s reduced pickups from the trash dumpster.

Johnson & Sons saves about $600 on their waste bills and recycles about 22,000 pounds of organic materials per year.

Tom Johnson, owner at A. Johnson & Sons, says the changes have been beneficial. While trash is taxed 70 percent, composting has no tax associated with it.

Johnson is thankful for the help from BizRecycling and our business associates at Waste Wise.  

The Grand Avenue Business Association located in Saint Paul formed a collaborative group, For Recycling on Grand (F.R.O.G.) to promote greater public and business recycling in the city.

In 2015, A. Johnson & Sons Florist was awarded the F.R.O.G. annual award for outstanding efforts in recycling.