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Apply for Partners’ Grant

We’ve rolled out a new grants program that we’ve named BizAware or Advocates for Waste and Recycling Education for Ramsey and Washington County business associations (like chambers of commerce, business leagues, economic development commissions/authorities, and non‐profit development corporations) to develop a program and outreach to member businesses and business audiences about the importance of recycling, including the free services provided by BizRecycling.

We know that recycling is not the primary focus of most businesses and it can be confusing to develop a program that meets an individual business’s needs. That’s where BizRecycling can help by offering free recycling exerts, grant funding to help cover startup costs, and free labels to ensure a successful program.

As a business association, you have the respect of your member businesses and the platform to communicate the importance of recycling and these free resources that are available through the BizRecycling program, so become our partner and receive up to $15,000 a year for up to 5 years to help us spread the word!

How BizAware Grants Work

Business associations selected to become a program partner are eligible for a grant of up to $15,000 per year for a three‐year term, with the potential for one, two‐year extension, with a total contract maximum not to exceed $75,000. 

We are Seeking the Following Program Partners

Organizations that involve or serve businesses in Ramsey and/or Washington Counties including:

  • Commercial Clubs: Usually an incorporated 501(c)(4) or (6) organization whose purpose is to promote community and retail events.  
  • Chambers of Commerce: A chamber is an incorporated non‐profit 501(c)(4) or (6) that is generally affiliated with the state and national chamber of commerce.  
  • Economic Development Commissions: A board used to advise a City Council, appointment by Mayor/or City Council.  
  • Economic Development Authorities (EDA): An EDA is a legal entity created by a City or County to facilitate a well‐rounded development program.  
  • Business Leagues: Including professional organizations and service clubs such as Rotary International.  
  • Non‐Profit Development Corporations: Formed to provide financing for business development in a community.
  • The following are not eligible: Regional agencies, federal government, University of Minnesota and MnSCU facilities, and for‐profit development corporations/business associations.

What Does It Mean to Commit to Be a Program Partner

  • Complete a grant application (2 pages long)
  • Document outreach to a minimum of 50% of your business members
  • Enter into a formal contract agreement with the Recycling & Energy Board
  • Submit 1,000 word annual work plan that describes your outreach objectives and proposed activities
  • Submit 6-month progress reports (2 pages long)
  • Work with BizRecycling staff and recycling experts

How Can Grant Funding Be Used? 

Funds may be used for the following:

  • salaries devoted to education and program development
  • printing
  • event expenses associated with hosting outreach activities, events, trainings
  • Other items as agreed to by the Recycling & Energy Board

The Grant Process: Here’s What to Expect

BizRecycling staff will review your grant application within three business days. During the review process, we will have questions for you and may need to schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas if you have not yet met with the BizRecycling team members. You will be notified within two weeks if your grant is approved.

Grant Application Checklist:

If you have questions at any time during the process, contact us at or give us a call at (651) 266-1199.