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Boston Scientific Previews Organics Composting

Female voice:
So today we’re doing a, we have a holiday meal for all of our staff and we’re, ah, previewing our composting program for all of our staff today.
So we’re anticipating somewhere around two thousand to over two thousand people turning out today.
So in Jan January we introduced composting to our whole Arden Hills site here and we’re going to get rid of all of our Styrofoam plates, dishware, everything is gonna go in favor of having compostable dishware.
So the reactions been really good today. We’ve had a, we’ve had staff members, green team staff members, on every exit from every cafeteria. We have a, the feedbacks been really positive. People really very happy to have composting.

Man’s voice from a group gathering around the containers: Oh is that right? I love that.

Voice: Blake Huffman: I’m Blake Huffman, and I’m a Ramsey County Commissioner. Along with celebrating Thanksgiving coming up next week, we’re also celebrating the fact that Boston Scientific is going to a compostable a lunch room. Boston Scientific is able to do this because Biz Recycling, a program of Ramsey County, was able to give some grants out and what they’re going to be doing now is returning waste into resources.

Back to the Female voice: So for the past two years, we’ve been um composting a some small amount of things from the back of the kitchen. We’ve always wanted to try and tackle the biggest source of waste that we have here.
We’ve been trying to do a feasibility study and then um we were made aware that there would be a grant available from BizRecycling this year, so um that expedited our plans to introduce this composting which is great so we gotten some money from BizRecycling. We’ve got the part of management on Boston Scientific on this site so we’re going to introduce a, we’re gonna introduce it January 5th going forward and never going back (haha).