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What Cost Savings

Business owners and managers are always on the lookout for ways to reduce expenses. Lower expenses means more profit from the same revenue. Saving money is one of the top reasons businesses decide to recycle, despite some of the upfront challenges that go along with getting started. For most businesses, adopting better recycling habits can significantly cut costs in the long run.

Tax Savings

In Ramsey and Washington counties, there is a county and state tax on trash—70% in Ramsey County and 53% in Washington County. However, there is no tax on recycling or organics recycling, which means that there’s a big opportunity to save money by putting less in the trash.

What is the Cost Savings for Your Business

Reduced Waste

Going green can improve the overall efficiency of a business. For example, reducing unnecessary waste can trim operating costs. Printing less cuts down on paper usage, and can lower the budget spent on printing materials. Refilling ink cartridges instead of throwing them away is another money-saving practice, since it saves money on the purchase of new cartridges, and it also reduces the amount of plastic thrown away from the cartridge and packaging.

The fact is that recycling is saving Ramsey and Washington County businesses money, even small businesses. After starting a recycling program, these businesses saved money:

The Lodge, White Bear Lake:
The biggest outcome is it reduced our overall garbage bill by 59%. The program also satisfied our resident’s expectations that we provide a recycling system.

A Johnson & Sons Florist, St. Paul:
At one time, we had about 100% going into the trash, to now only 10% trash and about 90% recycling. We’ve saved money, that’s the biggest thing. We’ve saved ourselves $1000 a year doing it.

VFW Post 1350, St. Paul:
We are saving $321 per month because of our participation in the recycling program.