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Why Care

In the East Metro, nearly 90 percent of businesses have a recycling program, according to a recent survey conducted by Ramsey County.  At BizRecycling, we have found the reason businesses decide to recycle varies greatly. For some businesses, it’s a matter of saving money or increasing efficiency. For others, it’s a legal requirement or they want to go green to be proactive and differentiate themselves.

Why should businesses recycle? Because it’s smart business management. Recycling containers cut costs, improve public image and boost employee engagement. What other initiative can do all that?  Below, we expand on each of these reasons to help you better understand what is motivating businesses to start recycling programs.
Why Care about business recycling

Recycling Cuts Costs

Because recycling programs are often thought of as “nice to do” rather than a financial investment, they are often not given priority for budget allocations.  In reality, however, effective recycling programs can generate revenue for a business and payback the initial investment in as little as one year. Learn more about cost savings with recycling.

Recycling Increases Efficiency by Simplifying Trash Disposal

Consistency with procedures and properly organized recycling bins and labels can make it both easier to train staff and result in greater employee participation when it comes to recycling. When collection containers are properly labeled and meet the volume and size standards of discarded materials, it becomes easier for staff to recycle and move recyclables from collection point to pick-up point. See more about recycling efficiencies in businesses.

Going Green is a Marketing Differentiator  

For some businesses, the draw in recycling lies in going green and leveraging that as a marketing asset. Today’s consumers are more likely to buy from a company with environmentally conscious practices. A strong recycling program can be a major selling point, especially if you’re in the food and beverage or hospitality industries. See how BizRecycling is helping make businesses greener.

It’s the Law

As of January 2016, Minnesota state law requires businesses and organizations to recycle at least three types of materials—including but not limited to paper, plastic and aluminum. The Minnesota Legislature adopted a 75% recycling goal.  Today, the East Metro is only required to be at a 53% recycling. To reach 75%, businesses will simply need to recycle more. That’s where we can help. Read on to find out more about the 2016 Recycling Law.