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Making Businesses Green

The National Marketing Institute estimates that about 80 percent of consumers are engaged by green marketing at some level, with about 17 percent of consumers highly engaged. Customers, however, are particularly skeptical of many green claims; they know that businesses seek profit and aren’t above “greenwashing”. Recycling containers are symbols of your organization’s commitment to the community. Don’t just give the program lip service; really commit to it. The more you do, the more the public will believe your environmental initiative is a genuine symbol of your business’s mission rather than just a publicity stunt.

Businesses that complete grants can receive window clings and are recognized by the Ramsey/Washington Recycling and Energy Board. This can be proudly displayed to your customer to let them know that your business is making a serious effort to be environmentally conscious. For many businesses, this can result in a competitive edge to be used as a differentiator.

The Lodge, White Bear Lake:
The program also satisfied our resident’s expectations that we provide a recycling system. Potential residents are excited that we have a recycling and organics program in place. We use our recycling and organics program as a marketing tool to potential residents.